Saturday, May 28, 2011

Indy 500 Tomorrow.

I was up early this morning even though there was not a lot going on.  Some of our group took off for home, a few others stuck around.  My friend Andy and I adjusted a few things to smooth out a rough idle on my engine. 

A few of us went back to the show field and looked around some more.  I said good bye at about 2:30 and headed south for Kokomo, Indiana. The ride was an easy two hour drive straight down Route 31.  I passed a lot of flat farm country along the way. Kokomo is an hour north of Indianapolis so it was a good spot to lay up for the night. .   Today and tomorrow's route is here

Tomorrow I am meeting Indianapolis Engine 17 at 6:45 am in their quarters to hook a ride.  Although it is only about an hour from here to Indy, I want to leave early in case there is race traffic.  Watching the news at the hotel tonight, I see the gates open at the track at 6 am.  The track holds 250,000 people so this ought to be interesting.

I didn't take any pictures today but I'm sure I will take a bunch at the track tomorrow.

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